Parents love this workshop! Having a child with additional needs means that meetings are a regular part of a parent’s life, sitting around a table discussing their child with a group of professionals who have far more practice, experience and training in being able to put their points across in a way that is likely to be heard and taken on board. Many parents are at an immediate disadvantage, and there is no other training available anywhere that helps to give parents the meeting skills they so desperately need to create a level playing field, and so that they have the confidence to represent their child effectively. This is an essential Workshop for every parent with an SEN child.
· To give parents the tools to enable that their voice is heard more clearly in meetings about their child
· A template to plan effectively for all multi-disciplinary meetings
· To give parents more confidence to assert themselves as their child’s most qualified expert in all meetings.
· Giving parents tools to use to improve relationships with professionals, working towards collaborative partnership working, so that their child gets the very best possible outcomes in every meeting
· Giving parents a sense of autonomy, control and empowerment in situations concerning professionals
· To create a safe and supportive space for parents to share their experiences openly
· To meet other parents in similar situations and therefore to reduce feelings of isolation

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