Parents can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of people involved with the child. It can seem like they are on a never-ending treadmill of appointments and meetings, with everyone else calling the shots and taking control. This Workshop give back that control to parents, as well as gaining confidence in being better able to advocate for their children. 


·         To give parents an opportunity to assess the impact of professional’s involvement in their family, identifying what works well and what doesn’t

·         Giving parents tools to use to improve relationships with professionals, and to get the best from their involvement for their child

·         Gives parents strategies to identify key points for discussion in any one-to-one appointment with professionals concerning their child

·         Giving parents a sense of autonomy, control and empowerment in situations concerning professionals

·         Giving parents strategies to improve existing communication skills, to enable them to better advocate on behalf of their child

·         Parents leave the workshops feeling more confident, more supported and better able to cope

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