When parents of special needs children are properly supported everything becomes significantly easier. However what does the right support mean for you, and what would it look like?

Francesca and Adam
Francesca and Adam

This workshop brings parents together, sharing their experiences and difficulties, and identifying the areas where a bit of extra support would really help. The right support will look different for every family, but until you know exactly what would really help you can’t start to try and fill the gaps where it’s missing.

Toby Newbold

We then look at how to get more support in these areas, whether we can help ourselves by doing things differently or changing our own perspectiives, or whether the kind of support we really need is available and accessible locally.

Finally, we look at ways of creating our own support structures and networks, and seeing if we can find innovative ways of helping ourselves or kick-starting new projects in the community.


  •  Giving parents a safe space to talk freely about their feelings and the difficulties they are facing
  •  Parents are encouraged to pool ideas and suggestions, and share strategies that have worked well in their own families
  •  Parents feel validated, listened to and accepted, and feelings of isolation are significantly reduced
  •  Parents explore what support they most need, whether it exists and is so how to access it, and how to create other solu
  • tions to the difficulties caused by gaps in support

Yvonne is the author of The Special Parent’s Handbook. She is also an HSJ Top 50 Inspirational Women in Healthcare 2014 and LDT Learning Disability Champion 2015.

Yvonne Newbold
Yvonne Newbold






If you would like to buy a copy of Yvonne’s book, here is the link  http://yvonnenewbold.com/the-book/

Special Parents Handbook



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