Having a child with a disability can impact on every aspect of family life. It can be very easy to get so bogged down with medical equipment, medication, tube feeding, challenging behaviour, meltdowns, hoists, appointments galore, paperwork…… the list goes on and on……so that creating fun times for the whole family can just get pushed to the bottom of the list. This Workshop looks at ways to prioritise fun together as a family even if family days out are just not an option.

· To give parents an opportunity to assess the impact a child’s disability, disorder, condition or additional needs on the whole family
· Giving parents confidence to find new fun ways of doing things, able to leave the workshop with a more light-hearted approach
· Giving parents lots of ideas in how to introduce fun into even mundane tasks, and how to turn things into games
· Parents are shown an “instant calming” technique they can use to reduce stress at home
· Parents are given strategies to feel more in control at home, and less like they are fire-fighting chaos all the time
· Parents leave the workshops feeling more confident, more supported and better able to cope
· To create a safe and supportive space for parents to share their experiences openly
· To meet other parents in similar situations and therefore to reduce feelings of isolatio

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