Malcolm Cooper 1
Malcolm Cooper

Malcolm Cooper facilitates this Workshop. Malcolm is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who also specialises in mindfulness, deep relaxation and meditation. He is also Yvonne’s other half. 

When parents have special needs children, of course they come first, but sometimes they come so first that parents can completely forget who they are and what they need to enjoy life and to function properly. Stress takes over, there is always too much to do in hardly any time at all, and sleep deprivation can become a major factor too. Before they know it they are risking their own health, and if the parents go under, what will happen to the children? Stress can have severe consequences, and this Workshop helps to bring it back under control.


  • The focus is on the parent, who they are and what they need to bring happiness back into their life

  • Giving parents an opportunity to step back and look at the stress triggers in their life and what to do about them

  • Parents will learn about the mind / body link, and how stress affects their whole physical self

  • Parents will learn a technique that can calm them down instantly in moments of heightened emotion

  • Parents will sample a session of deep relaxation

  •  Parents will learn about the benefits of mindfulness· Parents will leave the Workshop feeling more confident, calm, relaxed and with increased energy levels

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