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Yvonne Newbold


Yvonne knows exactly what it is like to bring up children with disabilities, and for this reason she has designed a unique series of workshops for parents of children with disabilities, with a hands-on practical approach and focusing on the real difficult issues parents in our situation face every day.

Parent Workshops are two and a half hours long, and if you can book two on the same day Yvonne will ensure that parents can attend both within the normal hours of a school day.

There are six workshops altogether. Here are the links to more information on each one, including a short video of Yvonne talking about the content of each workshop.

How to be Heard as Your Child’s Expert

Creating Happy Childhoods for the Whole Family

Multidisciplinary Meeting Preparation

Looking After You – Finding the Calm in the Chaos

Finding Support for You and Your Family

Bringing Peace and Calm Into Your Life – by Malcolm Cooper

Yvonne Newbold Parent Workshops

In each workshop Yvonne creates a safe, supportive space where parents feel comfortable in sharing their experiences and ideas with no fear of judgement. For many, it’s the first time they’ve been able to openly talk about their fears and frustrations with other people who instinctively understand where they are coming from. That in itself is very empowering, but there are many other advantages too.

1.      The workshops bring parents in a similar situation together – knowing that they aren’t the only one massively reduces their sense of being isolated

2.      The best form of support for parents of disabled children is other parents of disabled children. They all instantly “get it” in a way that’s hard for other people. These Workshops bring them together, often for the first time

3.      Working together on workshop tasks and activities gives them a chance to get to know each other, often the start of mutually supportive friendships

4.      The workshops get right to the heart of the difficult issues, issues that many parents have been unable to voice even to themselves

5.      We create a safe, supportive environment to encourage parents to share the “difficult stuff” with others who understand

6.      There is no judgement in the room, everyone is accepted and everyone is listened to and validated

7.      Through the use of role-play, group discussions, games and other activities, parents are given the tools to develop a whole range of skills to help them engage better with the team around their child

8.      The Workshops are all led by someone who has been there, as a single mother of three children, all with multiple disabilities, I’m able to share all the things I learnt the hard way 

9.      They are fun, compassionate and collaborative – the best environment to learn new ways of doing things

10.  Every parent is given a comprehensive workbook which covers every aspect of the workshop, as well as some very helpful additional information such as relevant tips, tricks and strategies that have worked in other families and external website resources 

11.  Organisations who have already hosted these Workshops have reported a greater sense of co-operation and easier communication with the parents who have attended them. 

12.  The children are the major winners – their parents leave the Workshop Sessions feeling much more confident, supported and in control, making them better advocates on behalf of their children – a win/win situation all round

13.  The Workshops are a very cost-effective way of getting support to these children in the place it matter most – at home. Depending on the number of parents attending a session, by booking a Parents In Control Workshop you can make a sustained and lasting difference for as little as £5 per family. 

14.  By taking advantage of the Early Bird and/or the Multi-booking discounts on offer, the cost per family can be even less

15.  Your staff can attend parallel Workshops enabling them to understand better the many stress factors affecting families of special needs parents – details to be send in a separate email very soon – which means that parents and staff will be much better enabled to work together in partnership to get the best outcomes for every child. 

16.  When parents and professionals both attend respective workshops, barriers come down, the sense of “them and us” is significantly reduced, and everyone pulls together, pools their knowledge and experience, and better decisions are made about the child concerned. This also often reduces spending, stress levels and misunderstandings and distrust.

All workshops last for 2 hours and 15 minutes. This allows for a morning and an afternoon workshop to be held both within the hours of a school day.

All workshops share certain dynamics:

·         A space, supportive space is created to enable parents to feel as comfortable as possible. 


·         It also enables parents to meet others in similar situations, which reduces feelings of isolation and encourages the beginnings of potential mutually supportive friendships.


·         They are engaging, with lots of hands-on activities using a mix of games, small group discussions, role play and pooling of shared ideas and experiences to explore and develop new perspectives and different ways of doing things.


To book a workshop with Yvonne, please e-mail Yvonne at yvonne@yvonnenewbold.com

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