These workshops have been developed for healthcare professionals. Designed from “The Other Side of the Room” by Yvonne Newbold, an Expert NHS Consumer and an HSJ.

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To find out more about the different Workshops offered, click the links below.

Learning Disability – Transforming Care
Autism Basics for Healthcare Professionals
Partnership Working with Patients and their Families
Making Reasonable Adjustments to Remove the Barriers to Good Care
How To Be Compassionate Without Burning Out
Co-Production and How To Really Make It Happen

HSJ Top 50 Inspirational Women 2014
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• Inspired by the NHS Five Year Forward View

• Promoting the “6 Cs”

• Putting Patients First

• More kindness, less bureaucracy

• Good care and bad care – which one costs more?

• Doing it well starts with each one of us

What are people saying about these workshops?

“Yvonne gives the reality behind having a child with complex needs who has a severe learning disability. She brings the joy, despair and passion to health professionals through her challenging, thought-provoking, dynamic and creatively interactive sessions in a way that ensures those who attend never forget what the reality is. Yvonne is inclusion focused and inclusive in her drive to support health professionals to get care right for people with a learning disability by providing a space for reflection, discussions and promoting the notion that each health professional can lead change in their own areas. Yvonne along with other parents and people with a learning disability are teaching an training health professionals at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the benefits they bring are helping to shape care provision. It is about all of us working together and these messages should be heard and acted on by every health professional throughout the UK and beyond. The power of people with a learning disability and their parents to help improve services can never be underestimated.” – Jim Blair, Nurse Consultant Learning Disabilities, Great Ormond Street Hospital

“Very insightful into the experience of both parents and children with learning disabilities”

“Very engaging presentation. I felt able to ask questions and encouraged to continually improve my level of care.”

“All staff should attend such sessions as vital to caring for children.”

“I could listen to Yvonne all day long.”

“Very inspirational to hear first-hand from a parent of a child with LD – helps bridge lots of gaps which are otherwise unknown to us.”

“A brilliant workshop! Very helpful meeting other people dealing with the same problems. Yvonne was very open and honest.”

• All workshops are facilitated by Yvonne Newbold, an Expert NHS Consumer, bringing a unique patient perspective and a fresh approach towards Putting Patients First.
• Yvonne creates a non-judgemental, emotionally safe and warmly supportive space to enable everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences freely.
• All Workshops use a range of tools such as video, reflection, sharing lived experiences, written exercises, games and group discussion to bring the issues alive.
• All Workshops can be adapted to different time lengths. A taster session of 90 minutes, giving an overview of the topic, a half-day session, with more time to explore the issues through discussion, and a full-day session, where participants should gain a much greater understanding of the relevant topic.
• Workshop content can be tailored to the specific needs of your workforce, and all Workshops are suitable for those working with either adults or children.
• Attendance for each Workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 people to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their sessions.

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