Two Realistic and Down-to-Earth Sessions in One Event

for Parents, Carers & those who work with Children, Young Adults & Families

How to Reduce the Impact of Violent & Challenging Behaviour


Puberty & Sexuality, & its impact on Autism & Learning Disabilities

Yvonne Newbold VCB

Saturday Morning Events, 10.30am – 1.30pm

in Central London close to Waterloo Station

Tickets £25.00 – Family Members

Tickets £40.00 – Staff Members

(Plus Eventbrite Booking fee)

Five dates to choose from –

  • Saturday 28th October 2017
  • Saturday 25th November 2017,
  • Saturday 6th January 2018,

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Ideal for parents, family carers, foster parents,  teachers, health care professionals, social workers and care staff, or anyone who works with children or adults with a neurodevelopmental diagnosis. Tackling two of the most difficult, yet rarely discussed, behavioural issues in the same morning, Mark and Yvonne working together as a team are simply unmissable. 

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Violent and Challenging Behaviour with Yvonne Newbold

Exploring the underlying causes of violent and challenging behaviour (VCB) in children and adults with a learning disability and/or autism, and the way it affects the people around them. Topics covered will include

  • Understanding the underlying causes of VCB and how to reduce triggers
  • How all behaviour is a form of communication, and how to interpret what they’re telling us
  • Practical strategies and approaches to reduce VCB
  • Sensory issues, transitions, routines, theory of mind and much much more

“Such an inspiring woman delivering a fantastic session -the best ever! So informative and apt, every SEND parent should attend.”

About Yvonne’s Session –

How to Reduce the impact of VCB  (Violent and Challenging Behaviour)

Does your child lash out at home and hurt you and the rest of their family? Do you find it hard to talk about what really goes on behind your own front door because you fear that others will judge you, blame you, or simply not believe you? Have you tried to get help from your child’s school, or healthcare professionals or social services only to find they don’t understand either, or they may jump to the wrong conclusions and blame your parenting skills? If so, Yvonne’s session is absolutely what you need.

Yvonne is a parent who has been there, who spent seven long years trying and failing to get help, before finally being able to access the intensive and specialist help her son Toby needed to enable him to turn his behaviour around and enhance the quality of his life. He is now 23, and calmer and happier than his family once dared hope for. Yvonne has seen for herself how, with the right knowledge, understanding and support, any child with VCB can learn how to communicate their needs and frustrations without hurting the people they most care about, and she is now doing all she can to help other families gain the knowledge and skills they need to be able to help their children get beyond their VCB.

What has shocked Yvonne is the lack of understanding, experience and training among the professionals who are tasked to support families like her own. She has read, researched and learnt so much about approaches, techniques, causes and interventions over the past 10 years or so, information that has been mostly available but not easily accessible for the past 20 to 30 years. There are few training courses for parents or professionals about VCB, and the stigma around the issue means that it is rarely discussed or acknowledged. That means there are thousands of families living in fear and isolation, and coping with all-but impossible situations day in and day out and with no sign of hope on the horizon. Families who can only see bleak futures for a whole generation of lost children who, if nothing is done to help them when they need it most, may be destined for a future in the criminal justice system or in locked psychiatric units.

That’s why every parent with a child who has VCB should spend time at one of Yvonne’s sessions. She is passionate about imparting the vital knowledge, skills and understanding that she wishes someone had been able to signpost her towards when Toby’s VCB started. She wants to give families back some hope and the potential to create happy childhood memories instead of bleak ones filled with fear and hurt. There are no easy solutions or quick fixes, the changes you’ll see take time and consistent determination, but Yvonne’s session can help you do it. She’ll show you how to get your family back on track with some simple ideas and suggestions that you can start implementing as soon as you get back home.

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Mother; Author of The Special Parent’s Handbook; Speaker; Trainer; WHIS Ambassador, Autism, Learning Disabilities & Families; Advisor, NHS England Learning Disabilities & Autism; School for Change Agents Graduate 2017; PENNA Outstanding Contribution to Patient Experience Award 2016; LDT Learning Disability Champion Award 2015; HSJ Top 50 Inspirational Women in Healthcare Award 2014

When Yvonne was diagnosed with terminal cancer she knew immediately what her “Bucket List” was going to be – to do whatever she could to significantly improve the quality of life of the next generation of families like her own, where there is a child with a disability, life-long disorder or medical condition or any other form of special needs.

That’s what she has been doing ever since, with a more recent focus on Violent and Challenging Behaviour in children and young adults with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as a learning disability, ADHD or autism.

In February 2017 she was invited to take part in a BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour programme about this issue where she talked candidly about her own family’s long seven-year struggle to get the appropriate help, support and intervention from the statutory services.  Within minutes of coming off-air, Yvonne started to be contacted by parents all over the country and beyond, with harrowing and heartbreaking accounts of the realities of their own family life.

Over the next couple of weeks several hundred families got in touch with Yvonne, and they all shared the same sense of shame, stigma and being blamed for behaviours which are very common in children with additional needs. Yet there is very little statutory support, understanding or indeed, any training for staff working with children and families in education, health or social care.

Nobody else was doing anything to help these families, so Yvonne is doing what she can, firstly by organising a ground-breaking conference in April 2017 to break the silence on this issue, and since then she has supported countless families online and in person, developed workshops, training courses, webinars and talks about it for families and staff alike, and she is also writing her second book, which will share her research and learning with families and professional staff about how to support all our children in finding different ways to communicate.

She is still on active treatment for cancer which is prolonging her life for the moment, although her original prognosis still stands.  With so much work still to do, Yvonne is determined to keep going for as long as she can.

Website        The Special Parent's Handbook

Facebook  The Send Parent’s Handbook

Twitter       @yvonnenewbold

Amazon     The Special Parent’s Handbook

Puberty, Sexuality and Growing Up Safely with Mark Brown

Exploring the issues faced by children and teenagers with a learning disability and/or autism, when they are going through puberty, and the impact this can have on their family and wider circle. Topics covered will include

  • Identifying the characteristics of puberty that can have a significant effect on young people
  • Providing an understanding of anger management related to puberty
  • Practical approaches which can be taken to address inappropriate sexualised behaviours
  • How it’s never too early to start planning for puberty

“A very direct session not covering things up or shunning issues. I will certainly now spend more time discussing growing up with my son”

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About Mark’s Session – 

Puberty & Sexuality, & its impact on Autism & Learning Disabilities

How do you teach your child about sex, relationships and growing up when they have language processing difficulties and may not understand the subtle cues and nuances of appropriate behaviour? What can you do and say  to a child as a parent, a carer or another responsible adult to help them make sense of these complex and difficult issues so they know how to keep themselves and others safe?

Sometimes, due to our own embarrassment, it can seem easier to say nothing at all and hope for the best, but that can have catastrophic consequences. It leaves our children very vulnerable to either being taken advantage of themselves, or of entering the criminal justice system later on due to their own lack of understanding of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

Mark Brown’s session will give you the essential knowledge, understanding, tools and confidence to help your child navigate growing up much more safely. Parents love his warmth and sense of humour, and the way he can talk about all the “difficult stuff” that makes you want to rush home and start planning those vitally important conversations with your own children.

It’s never too early to start – the sooner the better, because once puberty kicks in it can be so overwhelming that a child may find it harder to talk and to listen and learn the tools they need to keep themselves safe. Every parent should spend time with Mark, so that every child gets a chance of gaining the sexual knowledge and understanding in a way they can process at their own pace, learning about themselves and their development that will last a lifetime.

NB Mark will be able to offer a very limited number of 15 minute one-to-one consultations with family members, to be allocated during the event.

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Special Needs Advisor; RNLD; MA Autism; Dip App Psych; Dip Prof Prac; PhD Doctoral Candidate 2018 

Mark has worked with children and adults with learning disabilities, autism and many other neurodevelopmental conditions for over 30 years in many different capacities, which has included managing a residential long-stay home for adults with behavioural difficulties.

In 2010, Mark founded Special Help 4 Special Needs, working directly with children, adolescents and young adults who have a range of diagnoses, and who are all struggling with challenging and/or socially inappropriate behaviour.  Mark takes a family-centered approach in all his work, finding workable ways to support the individual within their own family, and a lot of his work is in helping a young person to recognise, understand and regulate their own emotions.

Many of the young people he works with have difficulties in interpreting the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable sexual behaviour, and this work has led him to developing an enhanced sex education course specifically designed for those who may otherwise be at risk of displaying sexually inappropriate behaviour.  Mark also runs a social club for adults with learning disabilities, with a strong focus on supporting the individuals to develop social skills and to gain the confidence to use them.




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