Families – the Key to Person-Centred Care

Letting Go One of the hardest parts of being a parent of someone who is very vulnerable is learning how to trust other people to share in the taking care of them. My son, Toby, is now 23 and he

Our NHS Learning Disability Success Story

Toby had the dentists on Wednesday, and it was a bit of a daunting appointment. I’ll explain why in a little while. Toby sees an NHS specialist community dentist who works with adults with a learning disability. Dental appointments with


By John Walsh and Yvonne Newbold “You understand so little of what is around you because you do not use what is within you“ – Hildegard of Bingen As humans we are an amalgam of both logic and emotion, together

Recognising pain in the non-verbal child

Why my son can’t talk My son, Toby, is non-verbal. He is two days away from his 21st birthday and he has a handful of single words, mostly names of the people he loves or the activities he likes to

Just Imagine

Guest post by Linda Morbin, about her daughter with TSC Just imagine you’re a parent. Maybe that is not difficult to do, because maybe you are. Just imagine that this little beautiful bundle is the most precious, beautiful thing you

How not to do Partnership-Working

  When I wrote “The Special Parent’s Handbook” I included a lot about the difficulties my family had faced with their encounters with education, health and social care professionals over the years. I’ve written extensively on this subject, I’ve given

What do you do when CAMHS can’t help?

CAMHS Services around the country are often under-resourced and over-stretched. If a child or young person develops a mental health issue, CAMHS may be able to offer regular appointments but there may be a long waiting list for an initial

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