70 years of Autism, and what’s changed?

When my mother left Dublin in 1946, just before her 18th birthday, to come to England to start her nursing training, the word “Autism” had only just been invented. Last week, 70 years later, I was delighted and honoured to

Taking the stress out of cutting children’s fingernails

What do you do if your child can’t tolerate their finger or toenails being cut? It’s a very common problem in families where there are children with Sensory Processing Disorders or who are on the Autistic Spectrum. Parents try every

Just Imagine

Guest post by Linda Morbin, about her daughter with TSC Just imagine you’re a parent. Maybe that is not difficult to do, because maybe you are. Just imagine that this little beautiful bundle is the most precious, beautiful thing you

Happy Autism Christmas

It’s almost Christmas, there’s still a load to do, you don’t feel in the least bit festive because you know there’ll be at least one Autism Meltdown on Christmas day, Right now all you want to do is to sit

What do you do when CAMHS can’t help?

CAMHS Services around the country are often under-resourced and over-stretched. If a child or young person develops a mental health issue, CAMHS may be able to offer regular appointments but there may be a long waiting list for an initial

10 Great Things People with Autism can add to Society

ASIAM is a new charity based in Ireland with a new and innovative approach to supporting those on the Autistic Spectrum. It’s the brainchild of Adam Harris, a young man who himself has Asperger’s Syndrome, and it’s aim is to

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